Auditions Spring 2021!!!!!

Interested? Here’s what you need to do

Complete the audition application.

Auditions will be on February 10th. We will contact you with details once you’ve submitted the application online. Application under the “AUDITIONS” TAB.

NRBP views sexual health as integral to the overall health and well being of all students.  We respect all genders, sexual orientations and sexual identities.  We support all people’s ability to make empowered choices that are safe, consensual and fit their cultures, values, and belief systems regarding sex and sexuality.  Our goal is to offer a show that is inclusive, accessible and affirming to all.

The Not Ready for Bedtime Players are a sexuality theater troupe. The Players educate students on important sexual health issues such as safer sex, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted infections, masturbation, relationship violence and related issues.  Some of the skits are funny, and some are serious, but all of the skits are performed with the purpose of building knowledge and skills in the area of sexual health. 

The Bedtime Players have been in existence since 1988 and were founded to provide education and dispel myths about HIV/AIDS. The Players are a program within the Center for Health Promotion. The Not Ready for Bedtime Players are recognized around campus and appreciated for the hard work that you put into educating and entertaining your peers. 

There is no experience required in theater, sex, peer education, comedy… you get the idea. All are welcome to audition!!

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