Candid COVID Responses

What Our Campus Sexual Health Educators Can Share About Responding to Covid-19 –


Your Not Ready for Bedtime Players always emphasize the importance of communication. Knowing and sharing what you want, what you don’t want, your sexual health history, setting limits, and on and on are crucial to a safe and satisfying sexuality. How can this skill transfer to the current COVID-19 pandemic? Clear communication with friends and relatives while existing either in close quarters, or through virtual connection will help maintain healthy relationships. In a time when most people are feeling anxious about so much change and unknown, clearly communicating your feelings can help decrease feelings of isolation. Not only that, but if you are feeling a little under the weather you can communicate with your healthcare provider and family members to make sure you’re getting the healthcare and support you need.

Say NO to Stigma

Your Not Ready for Bedtime Players know the importance of saying NO to stigma. Judgement of those who are sick only generates fear and prevents people from getting tested. Stigma also creates a barrier to clear communication, especially if you’re someone who is at risk. Making a moral judgement because someone has been infected with a communicable disease is a fear response and not helpful in stopping the spread of the infection. Whether we are talking about chlamydia or COVID-19, check your judgments at the door.