The Not Ready for Bedtime Players (NRBP) is an award-winning peer sexuality education troupe. We formed in 1988 as part of “The Aids Follies,” a UMass theater project intended to provide education and dispel myths about the AIDS crisis. Today, our main goals are to educate others to think critically about sexuality, encourage students to make safer decisions, and bring laughter to the campus! Our skits and educational workshops address health issues impacting the university community, including:

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  • Healthy Sexuality
  • Gender
  • Relationships
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Violence Prevention
  • Substance Use
  • Campus Resources
  • … and much more!

Our mission statement:
NRBP views sexual health as integral to the overall health and wellbeing of students. We strive to create material that is inclusive and representative of, and respectful to, all genders, sexual orientations and sexual identities. We support all people’s ability to make empowered choices that are safe, consensual and fit their cultures, values, and belief systems regarding sex and sexuality. Our goal is to offer educational performances and workshops that are inclusive, accessible and affirming to all students.

You can also catch NRBP on …..
Instagram: @nrbpofficial
TikTok: @nrbpofficial

Interested in applying? We often accept new Players at the beginning of each semester. Stay tuned here or on our social media pages for more information!